Krayzie Bone Competition

Open for Krayzie Bone


Do you want a huge platform to showcase your musical talent? We are looking for artists who are ready to show us what they have in a friendly competition to open for Krayzie Bone here in San Antonio, TX. 

One way to WIN: 
1. Submit online

Enter the online competition NOW by uploading your Original Video of you performing your song, all one shot. No music video submissions, no video editing allowed once the song has started. The video submission must have 2 parts below:

Registration Process:

Step 1. Enter Online
Step 2. Click "BUY NOW" to reserve your spot
Step 3. Attach your video If Online Contest
Step 4. Fill out Contest Form and submit
Online Contest Submission
Online Rules:
  • One take videos (yes to added social media handles)
  • NO music videos
  • Introduction (name, where you from, why you do music)
  • The actual song (yes you can cuss, this isn't the radio)
*Hint: Be creative and think outside the box!

Judging: The judging will be completely online. Once the submission is accepted, you will be provided a link where your supporters can vote for you. You can share this link on your social media platforms to increase your votes. Voting will open on the 23rd of November and close on the 30th of November. The winner will be announced on the 1st of December. (No cheating or fake votes. We can track IP addresses. Cheating will be a cause for immediate disqualification without refund)
Online  Submission
Attach Video

Online Submission

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